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This website is operated and managed by 千亿体育娱乐 Group (here(千亿体育平台)in after referred to as “the Company”). Before use of this website, you should read carefully the follow(千亿体育平台)in g terms and conditions ((千亿体育平台)in clud(千亿体育平台)in g but not limited to the Company’s disclaimer and restrictive clauses on users’ rights). You are requested to check the clauses and confirm your acceptance of the service clauses (the m(千亿体育平台)in or shall be accompanied by his or her statutory guardian when check(千亿体育平台)in g). If you disagree on the service clauses and/or the modifications that are made at any time, you should term(千亿体育平台)in ate use of or proactively cancel the website services provided by the Company. Your use of the website services will be deemed as your full acceptance of the service clauses, and as your acceptance of any modification that is made to the service clauses by the Company at any time.
The Company owns the right to modify, and update and (千亿体育平台)in terpret those contents ((千亿体育平台)in clud(千亿体育平台)in g but not limited to text, picture, audio, video, and documents for download(千亿体育平台)in g, etc., the same as below) on the website. The Company will modify or update contents on the website every now and then.


  • 1. The Company has a prudential attitude towards those (千亿体育平台)in formation, articles, data, images, pictures, animations, and software, etc. on the website, but undertakes no obligation to ensure their correctness, completeness, usefulness, safety, and timel(千亿体育平台)in ess, etc. (千亿体育平台)in case any user (千亿体育平台)in curs loss due to use of this website, the Company assumes no responsibilities for the loss. Contents on this website are only for your reference, and they are not the promises or offers made by the Company or its associated companies.
  • 2. If there are websites (called the third-party websites below) beyond the Company’s ownership, control or management amongst those websites l(千亿体育平台)in ked with this website, the Company undertakes no obligation to ensure the authenticity and validity of the (千亿体育平台)in formation on the third-party websites. If the user (千亿体育平台)in curs any loss aris(千亿体育平台)in g for his or her use of the third-party website, the Company assumes no responsibilities. The third-party website that l(千亿体育平台)in ks with this website does not mean the Company recommends use of the third-party website or those commodities, services, and firms, etc., which are issued on the third-party website.
  • 3. The Company is entitled to update and delete contents on the website without advance notice. Moreover, the Company is entitled to stop, (千亿体育平台)in terrupt, and term(千亿体育平台)in ate operation of this website without advance notice. If the user (千亿体育平台)in curs loss there(千亿体育平台)in , the Company assumes no responsibilities.
  • 4. (千亿体育平台)in addition, the Company undertakes no responsibilities for users of this website and the third-party website.

(千亿体育平台)in tellectual Property

  • Unless the sources are specially marked, the Company owns the (千亿体育平台)in tellectual property rights (like trademark right and qy115vip ) of all contents ((千亿体育平台)in clud(千亿体育平台)in g but not limited to text, image, audio, video and documents for download(千亿体育平台)in g) on the website, and its (千亿体育平台)in tellectual property rights are protected by law. Without written approval from the Company (千亿体育平台)in writ(千亿体育平台)in g, any entity or (千亿体育平台)in dividual shall not make use of the aforesaid (千亿体育平台)in tellectual property rights by any means or reasons, (千亿体育平台)in clud(千亿体育平台)in g duplication, dissem(千亿体育平台)in ation, display, alteration, and transcription of any part.
  • Those who (千亿体育平台)in fr(千亿体育平台)in ge upon the Company’s (千亿体育平台)in tellectual property rights like trademark right and qy115vip , the Company will (千亿体育平台)in vestigate their legal responsibilities accord(千亿体育平台)in g to laws.

L(千亿体育平台)in k

  • If you hope to set l(千亿体育平台)in k at this website, please fill out your website’s content, address, purpose, the l(千亿体育平台)in k party’s URL, and current website’s URL, name, and contact address, as well as send the (千亿体育平台)in formation to 千亿体育娱乐 .brand@gq3pe.com.cn. Despite this, the Company is entitled to decl(千亿体育平台)in e the l(千亿体育平台)in k accord(千亿体育平台)in g to its own considerations, and it assumes no responsibilities for those disputes and losses aris(千亿体育平台)in g from the l(千亿体育平台)in k sett(千亿体育平台)in g at this website.

Use of Personal (千亿体育平台)in formation

  • 1. The personal (千亿体育平台)in formation that is related to the website and obta(千亿体育平台)in ed by the Company, the Company will deal with the (千亿体育平台)in formation accord(千亿体育平台)in g to its provisions on personal (千亿体育平台)in formation.
  • 2. Privacy protection clauses.

Counsel(千亿体育平台)in g Services

  • If you need counsel(千亿体育平台)in g services on the website, you are requested to get (千亿体育平台)in touch with this website by send(千亿体育平台)in g email to 千亿体育娱乐 .brand@gq3pe.com.cn.