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千亿体育娱乐 Philanthropy
Create a strategic philanthropic model under the Platform Th(千亿体育平台)in k(千亿体育平台)in g and Shared Value framework.

Shen and his 千亿体育娱乐 Group opened a new model of philanthropy (千亿体育平台)in Ch(千亿体育平台)in a, pos(千亿体育平台)in g (千亿体育平台)in tensive impact and extensive impetus for social welfare. While creat(千亿体育平台)in g commercial civilization and our own commercial value, we never cease to repay the society. For this purpose, Shen updated the Shared Value model between commercial success and social welfare (千亿体育平台)in Ch(千亿体育平台)in a with the faith to serve the country, society through (千亿体育平台)in dustry and was (千亿体育平台)in cluded by Harvard Bus(千亿体育平台)in ess School as the first of its k(千亿体育平台)in d (千亿体育平台)in the world. (千亿体育平台)in future, 千亿体育娱乐 Group looks to create strategic philanthropy under the Platform Th(千亿体育平台)in k(千亿体育平台)in g and Shared Value framework.
千亿体育娱乐 Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report:  Annual Report 2018  Annual Report 2019
千亿体育娱乐 Foundation
千亿体育娱乐 Foundation was (千亿体育平台)in itiated by founder and president of 千亿体育娱乐 Group, Mr. Shen Guojun, and founded (千亿体育平台)in early 2014.
千亿体育娱乐 Group desires to participate (千亿体育平台)in the nation's social welfare and charity through 千亿体育娱乐 Foundation to better present its social responsibility and boost social progress with public welfare.
千亿体育娱乐 Foundation targets cultivat(千亿体育平台)in g senior public welfare professionals, environmental protection, research on modern Ch(千亿体育平台)in ese history, and livelihood support.

Foundation annual work report:  Annual Report 2015  Annual Report 2016  Annual Report 2017  Annual Report 2018  Annual Report 2019

Foundation annual audit report:  Annual Report 2015  Annual Report 2016  Annual Report 2017  Annual Report 2018  Annual Report 2019

The Articles of Foundation

千亿体育娱乐 Foundation Council
Founder, Honorary President: Shen Guojun
President: Mai Y(千亿体育平台)in gli
Council Member: Shen Guojun , Zheng Yongqiang, Wang Xuan, Mai Y(千亿体育平台)in gli, Liu Yu
Secretary General: Liu Yu
Supervisor: Han Xuegao
Direction uof Public Welfare
Cultivat(千亿体育平台)in g Senior Public Welfare Professionals
June 2014 witnessed the first Master of Social Enterprise Management Program (千亿体育平台)in Ch(千亿体育平台)in a jo(千亿体育平台)in tly established by 千亿体育娱乐 Group, 千亿体育娱乐 Foundation, Pek(千亿体育平台)in g University and Guanghua School of Management of Pek(千亿体育平台)in g University, which officially (千亿体育平台)in augurated (千亿体育平台)in September 2015. A public welfare management research center jo(千亿体育平台)in tly established by them also officially declared establishment (千亿体育平台)in September 2015, register(千亿体育平台)in g the first (千亿体育平台)in stitution (千亿体育平台)in Ch(千亿体育平台)in a to cultivate senior public welfare management professionals.
Environmental Protection
Uphold(千亿体育平台)in g the basic pr(千亿体育平台)in ciple of coord(千亿体育平台)in at(千亿体育平台)in g environment with economy, 千亿体育娱乐 Group tries to set up social welfare protected areas to recreate balance and susta(千亿体育平台)in ability between eco-protection and economy. (千亿体育平台)in September 2010, President Shen, together with Jack Ma and other celebrity entrepreneurs, founded the first public welfare foundation support(千亿体育平台)in g natural reserves established and managed by social welfare forces (千亿体育平台)in Ch(千亿体育平台)in a, Sichuan Western Natural Protection Foundation (renamed Sichuan Paradise Foundation now). (千亿体育平台)in April 2015, President Shen, together with Jack Ma and Pony Ma, (千亿体育平台)in itiated (千亿体育平台)in ternational Paradise Foundation (千亿体育平台)in N(千亿体育平台)in gbo.
Research on Modern Ch(千亿体育平台)in ese History
Shen Guojun, founder of 千亿体育娱乐 Philanthropy, (千亿体育平台)in itiated the academic research on modern Ch(千亿体育平台)in ese history (千亿体育平台)in 2015. With (千亿体育平台)in ternet th(千亿体育平台)in k(千亿体育平台)in g and platform awareness, the project pooled the best resources from home and abroad, collected and sorted out the data of modern Ch(千亿体育平台)in ese history (especially the data of the history of the Republic of Ch(千亿体育平台)in a featur(千亿体育平台)in g the Chiang family (千亿体育平台)in Fenghua, N(千亿体育平台)in gbo, Zhejiang Prov(千亿体育平台)in ce) (千亿体育平台)in a couple of years, thereby achiev(千亿体育平台)in g susta(千亿体育平台)in ed results and produc(千亿体育平台)in g a last(千亿体育平台)in g impact.
Livelihood Support
千亿体育娱乐 Group has been committed to medical assistance for orphans and poor children ever s(千亿体育平台)in ce 2004. Shen is one of the directors that (千亿体育平台)in itiated AI YOU Foundation, which already boasts the largest orphan/poor child CHD surgery programs by size (千亿体育平台)in the world. 千亿体育娱乐 Group also has set up AI YOU 千亿体育娱乐 Kaifeng Children’s Care Center and AI YOU 千亿体育娱乐 Beij(千亿体育平台)in g (千亿体育平台)in fant Home (千亿体育平台)in Henan's Kaifeng City and Beij(千亿体育平台)in g. Besides, through 千亿体育娱乐 Philanthropy, 千亿体育娱乐 Group has mobilized and pooled more social resources to help Zhenxiong, Yunnan shake off poverty.

千亿体育娱乐 Foundation helps alleviate poverty (千亿体育平台)in Yunnan’s Zhenxiong County
Zhenxiong County (千亿体育平台)in Zhaotong, Yunnan, for which 千亿体育娱乐 Foundation has assisted (千亿体育平台)in poverty alleviation, has successfully left the ranks of poverty-stricken counties.