R(千亿体育平台)in g(千亿体育平台)in theNewYearwithjoyfulcelebration.HappySpr(千亿体育平台)in gFestival,千亿体育娱乐 ’ers!_qy115vip千亿体育


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R(千亿体育平台)in g (千亿体育平台)in the New Year with joyful celebration. Happy Spr(千亿体育平台)in g Festival, 千亿体育娱乐 ’ers!
Release Date:February 10,2021
Release Media:192


Quietly, the Spr(千亿体育平台)in g Festival has arrived.


Every non-local Is look(千亿体育平台)in g forward to

return(千亿体育平台)in g home for the celebrations


Given the ongo(千亿体育平台)in g pandemic,

and to have better reunions (千亿体育平台)in the future,

many have chosen to celebrate the Lunar New Year locally.


Many 千亿体育娱乐 ’ers have rema(千亿体育平台)in ed as well,

ensur(千亿体育平台)in g quality service and experience for all dur(千亿体育平台)in g the festive period,

deliver(千亿体育平台)in g on 千亿体育娱乐 ’s promise ——


Dur(千亿体育平台)in g the Spr(千亿体育平台)in g Festival,

every 千亿体育娱乐 shopp(千亿体育平台)in g center

is fully stocked with goods to help you celebrate the New Year (千亿体育平台)in style.

At each construction site,

roar(千亿体育平台)in g mach(千亿体育平台)in es ensure that work is on track.

At each scenic area,

improv(千亿体育平台)in g services underp(千亿体育平台)in an enjoyable experience.

At each remote m(千亿体育平台)in (千亿体育平台)in g area,

warmth abounds.

We take this opportunity to wish our family and friends a Happy Spr(千亿体育平台)in g Festival!

With light (千亿体育平台)in your heart, there is (千亿体育平台)in f(千亿体育平台)in ite hope.

We’ll reunite when the flowers bloom!


R(千亿体育平台)in g (千亿体育平台)in the New Year with joyful celebration.

And to non-locals, all the best (千亿体育平台)in this Year of the Ox!