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As a bus(千亿体育平台)in ess of property development and operation, 千亿体育娱乐 Group has participated (千亿体育平台)in the (千亿体育平台)in vestment, and owns, many boutique hotels which are managed by Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot or Starwood. Besides, we have also developed condos, luxury and high-end apartments to accommodate different high-end customers.
Beij(千亿体育平台)in g
Park Hyatt Beij(千亿体育平台)in g
Park Hyatt Penthouses
Park Hyatt Residences
Waldorf Astoria Chengdu
Huayue Penthouses
Huayue Residences

BEIJ(千亿体育平台)in G

Top-Class Hotels and Apartments

  • Park Hyatt Beij(千亿体育平台)in g

    Seated (千亿体育平台)in the central ma(千亿体育平台)in tower of Beij(千亿体育平台)in g 千亿体育娱乐 Centre, Park Hyatt Beij(千亿体育平台)in g is the first luxury boutique hotel of Hyatt Hotels and Regency (千亿体育平台)in Greater Ch(千亿体育平台)in a. The hotel characterizes the tallest d(千亿体育平台)in (千亿体育平台)in g hall along the Chang'an Avenue where you have a 360° view of the capital, Ch(千亿体育平台)in a Grill, and a roof-top garden bar, Xiu. The dist(千亿体育平台)in guished architectural design (千亿体育平台)in tegrates high-grade art essence to create a graceful atmosphere and provide extraord(千亿体育平台)in ary personal experience.
  • Park Hyatt Penthouses

    Park Hyatt Penthouses is situated (千亿体育平台)in the central ma(千亿体育平台)in tower of Beij(千亿体育平台)in g 千亿体育娱乐 Centre as a top-class proprietary condos apartment complex established by 千亿体育娱乐 Group. When mak(千亿体育平台)in g build(千亿体育平台)in gs, Ch(千亿体育平台)in ese architects are more concerned about the spiritual values than the physical aspects. This is what Park Hyatt Penthouses follows. All the facilities, furniture and appliances (千亿体育平台)in the (千亿体育平台)in door functions are customized by world's first-class designers to offer highly humanized comfort with ultimate grace and quality.
  • Park Hyatt Residences

    Housed (千亿体育平台)in the central ma(千亿体育平台)in tower of Beij(千亿体育平台)in g 千亿体育娱乐 Centre, the design of Park Hyatt Residences is a full representation of grace, delicacy and fashion. The apartments characterize open layout and peaceful elegance. The property management endeavors to ma(千亿体育平台)in ta(千亿体育平台)in comfortable, convenient and peaceful atmosphere for occupiers to high-quality service standard, offer(千亿体育平台)in g 5-star hotel-like high-quality services and home-like comfort at the same time.


Top-Class Hotels and Apartments

  • Waldorf Astoria Chengdu

    Waldorf Astoria Chengdu is the third hotel of the Waldorf Astoria brand (千亿体育平台)in Ch(千亿体育平台)in a after Shanghai and Beij(千亿体育平台)in g as well as the first of its k(千亿体育平台)in d (千亿体育平台)in Central West Ch(千亿体育平台)in a. Designed by Jon Kastl, designer of Waldorf Astoria New York, the hotel follows the suite of its New York counterpart but adds quite a lot of local elements. A comb(千亿体育平台)in ation of the classic Waldorf Astoria New York with local elements presents perfect compatibility among simplicity, classic and modernity.
  • Huayue Penthouses

    Huayue Penthouses lies on Tianfu Avenue at the core of Chengdu F(千亿体育平台)in ancial City where it overlooks the first-tier urban landscape of the entire f(千亿体育平台)in ancial city and the over 300-mu F(千亿体育平台)in ancial City Central Park, boast(千亿体育平台)in g park-class unbeatable view. Us(千亿体育平台)in g his unique design concept together with local particularities, famous American designer Jon Kastl succeeded (千亿体育平台)in giv(千亿体育平台)in g a highly luxurious, global personality to Huayue Penthouses, mak(千亿体育平台)in g it a perfect (千亿体育平台)in terpretation of urban top-class luxury homes (千亿体育平台)in Chengdu City.
  • Huayue Residences

    As a top-class luxury bus(千亿体育平台)in ess apartment complex, Huayue Residences features panoramic view and open layout with thorough and generous spaces. The occupation and liv(千亿体育平台)in g are carefully arranged and accurately measured. The apartments share the same (千亿体育平台)in tegrated service and hardware with the legendary hotel Waldorf Astoria, represent(千亿体育平台)in g a truly humanized home facility (千亿体育平台)in the city.